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Finding The Perfect Fit with UGG Since 1974

If you already know your ordinary shoe size: Use your ordinary size and refer to our size chart here, to work out your UGG size. We find that US sizing (as opposed to European sizing) is the most consistent sizing to work from.

If you are unsure of your ordinary shoe size: You can download our At-Home Size Guide to find your perfect fit.

Download our Adult Size Guide here

Download our Kids Size Guide here

If you are a true half size:We recommend using our At-Home Size Guide above to choose your size. Please keep in mind that UGG boots will stretch approximately half a size, so you should ensure your boots are firm to start with, as they will stretch over time. If you are sometimes a half size, and sometimes a full size, then you are likely to be safe choosing your default full size (e.g. if you are sometimes a 7 and sometimes a 7.5, then choose a 7, but if you are sometimes a 7.5 and sometimes an 8, then choose an 8). However, measuring your feet and using our guide is always the most accurate method to find your perfect fit.

If you are choosing Slippers or Slides:Please refer to the ‘Size & Fit’ tab on the product page, as this is where you will find relevant fit information (which may be different to our UGG boots).