Our Halfie Boots Vs. Tasman Boots

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Looking for something similar to the iconic Tasman? Shop UGG Since 1974's Halfie!

We get a lot of searches for the Tasman on our website. Many people are quite shocked when we inform that they we are in fact a different company to the American owned UGG® company which sells and mass produces the Tasman Slipper!

We are UGG Since 1974 - an original Australian owned company located on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Unfortunately, the American owned UGG® company does not manufacture any of its footwear within Australia. We, on the other hand, make each and every pair of our special UGG boots, slippers and slides in our Queensland-based factory attached to our office.

Anyway, we've pointed out some of the key differences between our UGG Since 1974 Halfies and UGG®'s Tasman Slipper that will help make the choice of which boot to opt for a little easier! 

UGG® Tasman Slipper

UGG Since 1974 Halfies

  • Made in Vietnam
  • Produced in large quantities
  • Not able to be readily customized
  • Only available in natural colours
  • Made from sheepskin sourced from Australia, Ireland, the US or the UK (Source: UGG® website)
  • Made from start to finish in Australia
  • Made to order - each pair is manufactured especially for each customer
  • Able to be customized – change the colour or try our lightweight, thin rubber sole
  • Made from 100% Australian or New Zealand merino sheepskin
  • Lightweight sole suitable for indoor use, but can also be worn outdoors 


Our Australian-made Halfies feature the warmest A-grade Australian Merino sheepskin and a lightweight sole for indoor use (but can be worn outdoors as well). These are available in chestnut, chocolate, khaki, navy and a bomber finish. 

Shop our Women's Halfies & Men's Halfies 

Some of our favourite reviews... 

I love the low cut style of the Halfie, they keep your feet super warm without the bulk around you ankle. I was super impressed with the care taken with the packaging and of course I love that they are made in Australia by an Australian company. Well done.
- Susan


Super snuggly halfie. Purchased a pair of these. They are super warm and stay on my foot well. The fit and finish is superb. I am really happy with them and are proud that they are Australian made. The only issue is now my teenage girls all want Ugg Since 1974's now. There will be another order.
- Dean

These are great for QLD winters, not too high and hot. Super comfy, quality is superb. Recommend the insoles to make them last even longer. Great gifts too, packed beautifully.
- Nisette

What are you waiting for?! Grab yourself a pair of Halfies or check out our new arrivals

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  • Its incredibly embarrassing that an American company would “steal” the business from you. Am so sorry to see this go on for so long. I went searching for the real thing. While doing so found many misleading articles on real vs. fake from the decker world. The logos on real boots need to be front and center. I hate being misled like I was.
    Again, I’m sorry for the insurmountable theft of your craft out there. Its just wrong.
    Thank you for listening.

    Peggy OBrien on

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