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We at UGG Since 1974 are very proud of not only the quality of product we have manufactured over the years, but also that we have remained fiercely Australian in the face of competition from around the world. It’s all very well to sell UGG boots outside Australia, but perhaps they should be labelled that way – ‘Not Made in Australia’ would be a nice label.

What we do love is the feedback we get from our customers who bought from us, and will undoubtedly continue to do so as long we are the Aussie option. One of our customers from way back, John, told us a great story about his experience with UGG boots after he moved to China to teach English. In his own words:

I got my UGG boots many years ago now, it has to be more than 15 years. My kids bought them for me for my birthday and although I did ask for UGG boots as my preferred gift, I also stipulated that they had to be Australian made. Hence my calf length, basic coloured boots (Classic Mids in Chestnut to be precise) from UGG Since 1974.

In 2011, Australia Day, I flew out of Sydney heading to China for my first English teaching gig. I was pretty excited. In fact, I was so overjoyed at this opportunity to work and travel that when I accepted the job and looked up where I was going, I didn’t see the minus sign in front of 35°C when I checked the weather details of the city in which I would be living.

Daqing in early February was the place to be for Chinese New Year, Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival. It was also the place to be if you wanted to freeze to death in a short amount of time. It was -41°C on one night of Spring Festival. Day temperatures reached a balmy -19°C.

Many Chinese locals were wearing UGG boots in various states of disrepair. Seams that had come undone around the toe area, laces that had broken, worn down soles and some styles were lined inside with something akin to sheepskin, but not. When I asked where I could buy a pair (I didn’t bring my UGGs with me because I got the temperature wrong, right?), I was also told that the UGGs they were wearing were only into their second winter!

Excuse me! Two years or less from a pair of UGGs? I contacted my daughter and asked her to send me my Aussie UGGs (as well as thermal underwear and my jacket which was also lined with lambswool), and to hurry up as I doubt I could survive until the end of the month.

To make a long story short, my Uggs were the talk of the school where I taught. There were about 2,000 students at that school and I stood in front of about 15 different classes each week in my Uggs, tootsies warm, and teaching English in my Aussie accent. I refrained from wearing my Akubra! The kids were always trying to steal my Uggs and try them on.

When I packed to leave China, I thought I would always return one day to Daqing. As a result of that proposed plan, I left all my winter clothes, including my UGGs, in a box stored at the school. Those UGG boots would be approaching 20 years old and still look good, although I haven’t actually worn them for the past 3 years. I now reside in the Philippines and there is definitely no need for UGG boots here! But I will return to China soon and pick up those UGGs, because they might just be the oldest UGGs still in use on planet Earth. They should be prominently displayed in the UGG Since 1974 shop as a relic, and an example of great workmanship!

If you have never worn a pair of UGG boots then you have denied your feet the feelings of ultimate comfort. Run your hands over a pure sheepskin blanket or car seat cover. How does that feel? Putting on a pair of UGG boots is like placing your feet into an envelope of decadent luxury. On a winter’s day, there is nothing warmer. On a summer’s day, it really is a ‘no sweat’ feeling.

The properties of sheepskin are not generally known, but as an insulator, they have no equal. 

All these wonderful aspects of wool can now be enjoyed by your feet. Check out our UGG Since 1974 website and look at the range of UGG boots and accessories that are available. You can physically visit our outlets in Miami, Surfers Paradise and Sydney, or do your ordering online. It’s free packing and postage for orders over $500 too.

At UGG Since 1974, we pride ourselves on first class customer service. Try us and find that out for yourself.

If you have a story like John, we’d love to hear from you via our Facebook page at 

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