Turns out Kanye loves Kanye AND UGGs!

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Kanye West and UGG boots: two things you probably wouldn’t use in the same sentence. But if you read on, you’ll learn about the influence that UGGs had on Kanye West’s success of his Yeezy footwear line. That’s right, Kanye has UGGs in part to thank for his success.

Since 1974, we have been manufacturing UGGs in Australia, which means we’ve been around since the birth of UGGs. Initially invented as a solution to cold feet for keen surfers taking on the winter waves here in Australia, UGGs went on to trend worldwide in the mid-2000s and they continue to find favour as the preferred winter footwear choice, thanks to their unrivalled comfort and amazing insulating properties. In 2015, UGGs had become a household name, and their iconic silhouette became the inspiration for another type of famous footwear.

You guessed it, Kanye West used UGGs as his inspiration for his line of Yeezy Boost footwear.  

Kanye appeared on Power 105.1s Breakfast Club Radio Show back in 2015 to discuss his Yeezy Sneakers and this is what he had to say: “People joke that they sorta look like the UGGs, but what's bugged out is that I'm really working on trying to make a sexier UGG!”

'Humbly, I would say I'm the most influential person in footwear.’ Okay Kanye, that’s a big call, even for Kanye who loves Kanye. But truth be told, Kanye’s Yeezy Boosts have become so popular that new drops typically sell out in just less than 1 minute. Yeezy’s have been the most hyped up sneakers in the world and people literally camp outside of sneaker stores or become zombies in their beds watching their computer screens while they wait for the new range to drop. Was the magic ingredient the elements of the design he drew from our UGGs?

Whatever the reason, we think it is quite a compliment that Yeezy Boost 75 sneakers were the first of the Yeezy range to ever drop and Kanye proudly admits that he was inspired by our Australian UGGs. Kanye calls his latest shoe design 'a proposition to where I think shoes will go in the future.' With elements of sheepskin UGG boots in them, you mean Kanye?

The good news is that we’ve got no plans to change what we’re doing here on the Gold Coast, continuing to hand make all of our UGGs from start to finish. 

So when it comes to Kanye West and his Yeezy footwear range, he may have impacted the shoe industry in his own way, but nothing can stop the influence and attraction of Australian made UGG boots by UGG Since 1974. We’ll happily host you for a visit though Kanye, to show you how our iconic footwear is made down under.

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