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What Size UGG Boots Should I Buy?

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UGG Sizing & Determining The Correct Size For You 


Purchasing a pair of our genuine Australian Made, high quality UGG boots is an investment. With adequate care and protection, our UGGs will last anywhere between five to twenty years with ease. Therefore, deciding on the right size for you is of utmost importance. And whilst the internet seems to be filled with misinformation about choosing the right fit for your UGGs, we are here to with our expert tips and tricks to help find the perfect size for you!


Our A-Grade Merino wool is typically sixteen millimetres thick; however, as a natural material, its thickness varies from anywhere between fifteen to eighteen millimetres. To accommodate for the density of our premium sheepskins, the soles of our products are generally larger than that of another shoe. This means that comparing the sole of another shoe with the sole of a pair of our Australian made UGGs is an ineffective method of determining the appropriate size by way that it is likely to lead you astray to a smaller size.


The most accurate method of determining your size is to try a pair on – with or without socks depending on whether they will be worn with or without socks. We recommend not wearing socks with your UGGs (you can read more about why here) so it is definitely best to try without socks on. However, if you do intend to wear your UGGs with socks, you should bring a pair to wear when you try on your boots.  


However, more often than not, it is not possible to try your boots before buying them online. In this case, you’ll be glad to know we have a handy international size chart right here, that will have you sized up properly in a flash. If you’re not sure of your usual shoe size (or just want to be extra safe) we recommend that you measure your foot from the tip of your longest toe to the back of your heel and refer to our size chart to see which size corresponds with the length of your foot.




Initially, your UGGs should feel firm, and tight at the toes – meaning your toe should be in close proximity of the very top of the boots without curling – and, should not slip at the heel when you walk. A common misconception is that UGGs need to be purchased bigger than usual and that they should be roomy to begin with, particularly at the toes. This is not the case with genuine Australian UGG boots. It is important to keep in mind that when wearing your UGGs, the wool compresses with weight, molding around the shape of your feet, and the suede exterior will also stretch as a result of the mechanical stress that your foot creates when inside the boot. This means with wear, your UGGs will stretch approximately half a size.


This is the reason we recommend that your UGGs must be extremely firm when you first purchase them – just like a pair of denim jeans. Otherwise, your UGGs will become too loose with wear and you won’t be able to experience the optimal warmth and comfort that your Aussie made UGGs have to offer.


It is important to keep in mind that by their very nature, UGG boots are made entirely from one of the world’s softest materials, so there will also be elements to your UGG boots which do not fit as firmly as your favourite runners or high heels. Of course, this is part of the reason UGG boots are so comfortable, because they mold around around your feet in just the right places.




Slippers, on the other hand, are not true to size as the innersole and sole are handcrafted to accommodate for the density of the wool reinforces the heel of a boot. Without this reinforcement, the slipper generally has approximately fifteen to eighteen millimetres of space. With over 45 years’ experience in handcrafting and selling the finest Australian made UGGs, we advise that customers “size down” in our slippers.


If you have any questions about sizing, please contact our Customer Service team at info@uggaustralianmade.com.au

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