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Is UGG Since 1974™ the same as UGG®? And if not, what’s the difference?

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Here at UGG Since 1974, we’re often asked whether we are the same company as UGG®. The answer is a resounding no (we are not related to UGG® in any way), but for those who aren’t across the UGG story, it’s an easy mistake to make. 

After all, our logos are similar, and we both sell UGG boots. But beyond that, we’re proud to say that the similarities between UGG Since 1974 and UGG® end there. 

Here are some of the key differences between UGG Since 1974, and UGG®:-

  • We are an exclusively Australian owned private company. In fact, we’re one of a very select number of third-generation family owned businesses still operating in Australia. UGG® is owned by a US company called Deckers Outdoor Corporation, and is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • We manufacture all of our UGG boots at our workshop on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. UGG® has all of its UGG boots manufactured in China, Vietnam, the Phillipines and other parts of Asia – and the origin of their products is readily discernible by checking their product descriptions online or looking for the sew in label inside their products.
  • We’ve been manufacturing UGG boots for almost 50 years, or since 1974 to be precise. On the flip side, UGG® was acquired by (the company now known as) Deckers Outdoor Corporation in 1995.
  • We employ approximately 40 staff, and our entire team works within Australia and in compliance with Australian health, safety and working standards. According to Bloomberg, UGG® employs approximately 3,500 worldwide, including throughout Asia – this a continent where the average wage for factory workers has been reported to be between $1 and $4 per hour.
  • We’re a significant contributor to the Australian economy, and we’re a tightly held Australian business. UGG® has declared over $1.5 billion of annual revenue worldwide.
  • We’re Australian through and through – from our design team, to our manufacturing staff, to our sheepskin and our ownership. UGG® has no manufacturing presence in Australia and is not Australian owned.
  • We strictly use Australian and New Zealand sheepskin, with all of our UGG boots being handcrafted from premium A-Grade Australian or New Zealand sheepskin. UGG® declares that their boots are manufactured from sheepskin originating in Ireland, USA, Australia or New Zealand.
  • Our products are exclusively available in Australia, or via our online store Nine times out of ten, we’ll handcraft your boots to order, meaning we only start production on your UGG boots when you place your order. You can even leave your Instagram username at the checkout or with one of our retail team if you purchase in-store, and we’ll film your boots being made especially for you. UGG® mass produces its UGGs and its products are readily available around the world.
  • We’re unable to expand under the ‘UGG’ name overseas, because the trademark to the word UGG is held in most countries by UGG® or Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Our brand is only able to be used within Australia and New Zealand, and even within Australia, there are now lots of other UGG brands not made here.
  • We’re working to preserve the notion that UGG ought to be used as a generic word for a sheepskin boot, made only and entirely in Australia. Currently, this is not the case, as within Australia, anyone can sell an UGG boots regardless of where they was made. Then outside Australia, there is UGG®, who maintains a trademark over the word UGG outside of Australia and New Zealand, despite its trademark in those countries being granted many years after UGGs were already iconic in Australia. 

We are proud to produce the finest quality UGG boots in the world and we work tirelessly to maintain our premium standards in the Australian manufacturing industry. Our loyal customers, located both within Australian and around the world, continue to grow as the word spreads about UGG Since 1974, and the quality products we handcraft each and every week. There’s nothing better than knowing that people are again becoming passionate about buying quality products which are ethically manufactured, produced in a sustainable way and made entirely within Australia. 

Based on our 2020 survey, more than 98.7% of first-time UGG Since 1974 customers responded that they would purchase from us again, and we love to see our customers coming back time and time again (even if our UGGs do last for many years). If you’re looking for genuine and premium Australian made UGG boots, perhaps it's the season to strike up a relationship with your very first pair of UGGs by UGG Since 1974.

More questions? Why not ask them over our live chat – available at the bottom right hand corner of your browser.

With love from Australia and the team at UGG Since 1974

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