• Natural Australian Lambskin Stroller Liner
  • Natural Australian Lambskin Stroller Liner
Natural Australian Lambskin Stroller Liner

Natural Australian Lambskin Stroller Liner

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Take comfort and cosiness in baby's stroller to a new level with our Lambskin Stroller Liner. Ideal for prams, strollers and baby joggers, our Liners feature a universal fitting design, and insulate against both cold and heat. Our Liners are reversible with a thick quilted cotton backing, are made from 30mm Australian lambs' wool pile, and are fully machine washable. Our Liners are a popular choice, given that natural lambskin insulates and ventilates, keeping little bodies warm in winter and cool in summer, and wicking moisture away from tender skin. Our Liners are crafted from the most luxurious, dense and silky lambskins of Australia.


Why natural lambskin?

Lambskin wool is nature’s most resilient and comforting resource. Its soft, hollow fibres breathe and help regulate body temperature. Air flows freely between your baby and our lambskin, providing utmost comfort. Our lambskin products can absorb up to 30% of their weight in moisture without feeling wet, keeping baby dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather.


  • Naturally flame retardant
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Insulates against both heat and cold
  • Naturally resilient
  • Average dimensions: L 78cmx W 31cm


Care instructions

This product is best dry cleaned but is also machine washable on a cold or warm cycle. Please use the short or wool setting and use commercially available wool washes only to protect the natural oils of the lambskin.

Tumble dry on a cold setting only. Do not tumble dry on a hot setting. Do not dry in direct sunlight or a high temperature position. This product is best dried in a shady or lightly sunlit filtered position over a chair or a clothes line.

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