Quality & Workmanship

We take pride in the quality of our ugg boots.

  • Our ugg boots are 100% Australian made by expert craftsmen.
  • Each pair of ugg boots has its own tracking number to ensure we maintain the highest quality possible.
  • We only use the finest quality A-grade Merino sheepskin.
  • We reinforce our heel caps and use a double stitch line for extra strength and detail.
  • Our ugg boots are hand glued. No machinery is used to ensure that we do not have visible glue around the edges. Most companies use a machine to compress the sole to the sheepskin uppers but this causes the heel to be crushed and flattened. We use the age old method of quality shoe makers and hammer each pair by hand.
  • We have removable innersoles to enable you to refresh your ugg boots each season.
  • At every stage of the manufacturing process we conduct Quality Control to ensure only the highest quality ugg boots are delivered to the customer.



There are seven stages in the production of an ugg boot. At every stage of the manufacturing process, each ugg boot will undergo Quality Control to ensure only the highest quality ugg boots are delivered. We offer free guided tours in our Gold Coast factory so come and visit us to watch our expert craftsmen create our exclusive collections.


Stage 1 - Raw Materials & Pattern Making

Some ugg boot manufacturers use lower grade sheepskin, synthetic materials or use wool that has been sewn into a synthetic lining. UGG since 1974 only uses genuine A-grade Australian sheepskin. All of our raw materials are sourced from reputable companies and are carefully selected to ensure that only the highest quality materials are used. A “clicking press” is used to cut individual panels from the sheepskin. Each pair of boots is comprised of 8 individual sheepskin panels which are then taken to the Boot Assembly station. New patterns are created here for new additions to our range.

Stage 2 - Boot Assembly

Once the panels reach this station, they are subject to another quality check. This is also where other material such as denim is bonded to the sheepskin. The inner soles are cut and glued to the sole board of the boots, these are removable and are also sold separately. Separate inner soles give you the opportunity to refresh your ugg boots at any time. All the cut panels and inner soles are bundled then these are dispersed to the next station.

Stage 3 - Heel Design

A durable plastic material is heated and bonded to suede to re-enforce the heel of the boot, then our ugg logo is stitched onto the heels. For the Luxe, Lumiere or custom made boots, our Swarovski elements are added by heating to the heel material.

Stage 4 - Sewing and Construction

There are a number of processes to stitching an ugg boot and different sewing machines are required for each step. Each boot could pass up to five machinists to reach the next stage.

  • The front and back panels of the boot are sewn together using a Cup Seamer;
  • The heel of the boot is sewn by a Twin Needle Flat machine;
  • The buttons and bows are stitched to the boot using a specialized button sewing machine, whereas the Swarovski Crystal Buttons are stitched by hand to each individual pair of boots;
  • The side and toe panels are sewn together on the Cup Seamer;
  • The binding is stitched on using a Cylinder Arm Binder.

Stage 5 - Final Boot Assembly

Our boot soles are made from a combination of durable rubber and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). The final step is attaching the sole. The adhesive is painted by hand onto the sole and then placed under heat to activate the glue. The sole is placed onto the boot and hit down the edges with a wooden hammer. The craftsmen ensure that the glue reaches the edge of each inner sole but is never visible on the outside of the boot.

Stage 6 - Quality Control

Our finishers clean each individual ugg boot and check thoroughly for any signs of imperfections. Any boot with imperfections will be rejected so you can be assured that you will only receive a perfectly hand crafted boot.

Stage 7 - Postage and Packaging

All our boots are prepared for delivery direct from our factory in the Gold Coast.



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