Caring for your Bomber & Nappa Leather UGGs

Caring for your Bomber & Nappa Leather UGGs


Our Bomber & Nappa Leather range offer a water resistant finish, to keep your UGGs looking fresher for longer. 

Please note these boots are not water proof, and should not be worn as gum boots or rain boots, as water can still come through the seams as they are not sealed. 

As the boots are made from genuine sheepskin and suede leather, they can never be made entirely waterproof due to the natural characteristics of the wool. Therefore, our products should never be machine washed, submerged in water or worn in exceptionally wet conditions. Should your UGGs get excessively wet, pull out the innersoles and hang the UGGs upside down to allow them to dry naturally and brush with a suede sponge. 

To care for our Bomber boots, we highly recommend using our cracked bomber leather Protector Spray as an important extra investment. Designed to apply a light film of protection on your UGG boots and other cracked leather finished products, our leather Protector Spray will keep your UGGs looking cleaner for longer, and will also ensure the bomber leather finish will keep its water resistant finish. 

We recommend re-coating your UGGs every 6 months (or more frequently depending on wear) to keep them in the best possible condition. 

Our Nappa UGGs can be wiped down after wear with a clean dry cloth. Nice & easy! 

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