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Best Shoes Ever!!

I absolutely love these Uggs, they're so insanely soft and warm. I haven't stopped wearing them since having received them, I'd definitely recommend them! They go super well with so many different outfits<3

She Loves Them!!

I ordered the Classic Ultra Mini's for my teen granddaughter's birthday. She says she loves them and has had them on everytime I've seen her since her birthday even though it is summer here and very warm. I suppose she couldn't wait until winter to try them. She says they are so comfortable. They do look very cute on her. I'm sure we will want to try some other styles as well. They are wonderfully made and beautifully pachaged. Customer service is great and responds to any questions very promptly. The delivery time to USA was very lengthy (3 months), but love the products.

Picky Husband Loved!

My husband is THE hardest person to buy any clothing item for. He not only loves these, he encouraged me to write a review to share this knowledge (we don’t review anything usually). So get these! Super great and quality made :)

So Worth It

Excellently made and gorgeous. I’m a nurse and nothing is better after a long day standing on hospital floors than sliding into these. That alone would give them a 5 star review. On top of that, the customer service was impeccable when the shipment was delayed. They were communicative, courteous, and even changed my address before dispatch due to me moving homes.

All in all, I am a customer for life :).

Love these

Love this new style. I can wear them at home as slippers or wear them out and about and they keep my feet warm and snug. I plan to buy a new pair for me to just wear at home!

Excellent Product

This is the 2nd pair that I have purchased. The quality is excellent and workman ship is above class. The rage of colours is awesome.

Comfy and warm

So comfy and warm. Quality is excellent and the colour is beautiful.

Received them. Seems good quality and nice colour as expected. Its summer in Europe so I will use them next winter. Toe box feels very narrow for me horizontally (size-related) and vertically (design-related) especially for my big toe . I ll do the last evaluation and decision about sizing in winter after starting to wear them outside. I wish returns were easier and more affordable so that clients can actually peacefully wait for what they ordered to arrive instead of passing post-order months with sizing worries crawling in mind. People with a physical shop close by or those with a friend that has uggs are the luckiest because they have better changes to understand more or less their number before seriously ordering. However, it is a beautiful business to exist and should be endorsed for that.

Cozy comfort

The quality is unmatched, ideal for the chilly Aussie winter. Comfy, chic and most importantly warm! Love them.

I wear them every day and night they are amazing Quality and I am so happy with them


I had originally bought, what I now know as not original UGG, from a shop in Liverpool (UK) and within a couple of months we're worn out on the heel.
I did some interesting research and found UGG since 1974.
All I can say is wow.....they are absolutely gorgeous, well worth the 2 month wait.
Beautiful, well made, quality slippers 😍

Took a while but i love

Because in ordered at peak time the took a few months to make, but delivery was quick and they are the warmest comfiest pair of shoes i own.

So worth the wait

I haven't had a pair of new Uggs in 11 years.
I'm from North Cali and we had a fur trader in our mountain town. I would buy my uggs yearly there.
Now living in Canada on an's fairly warm. But we do get snow and cold weather...
So I thot I'd get a pair. Tried the local store...I thought what are these? Didn't fit the Uggs picture in my mind.Bought a pair on line NOPE! This is not quality. THEN I found the real deal!

And here you are 💋 my new old friend.

The Yummy. Ohhh They are gorgeous! It was a three month wait but after shopping and buying poor subs, I'm so relieved they still exist. And HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. They are amazing and PINK...OK Sherbet.
I pretreated mine...And they help up to the first child day I could skip then on.
The soft wool that soon cradles your bare feet! Ahhh I have pretty serious foot pain..with a bump at the back of my foot. These are life!
There's nothing like these


I really couldn’t possibly love my boots anymore than I do! PERFECTION. The Original is wayyyy better than those other brands. Thanks UGG since 1974.

I wear them all the time!

I received my Uggs just in time for the winter chill. I wear them from the time I get up until I go to bed. I never think about my feet anymore. They're always comfortable and they never get hot or cold. They're just perfect. I only wear them around the house because I want them to last forever.

Great choice

After the person received their pair, they were ecstatic to see the shade of purple. They loved the feel of the wool, and they also said the crystals were the perfect cherry on top!!
I ordered my pair in early march and received it early June, im from the US. But the wait was definitely worth every second. Now I know I have to buy the products starting June for Christmas, because I’m definitely buying more!!

Best Slippers EVER

These are the best slippers I have ever owned! It took a little over 4 months to get (I live in the USA), but it was so worth it! They are incredibly soft inside, where you insert your foot, and the soles are quiet when you walk on hard surfaces. Bonus, they look amazing on your feet! I appreciated the emails that updated me about my order, so I didn't feel like they forgot about me in the process. I will be buying other items in the near future!

Sleeper slipper.

I requested to not have the label on the back, I like the clean look of the sheeps suede. Ugg since 1974 were more than happy to accommodate my request. Many thanks.

Fluffy feet clouds.

These are my first real pair of UGGs. And I cannot be happier. They are wonderfully soft and warm. The soles are very comfortable yet decently firm. I will definitely be recommending these to friends. My wife is due to replace her 15 year old UGGs next season, and they next pair will definitely be from UGG since 1974. Thanks you for continuing to manufacture a great product in Australia.

Innersoles for Women
monica grogan
soo comfy

Just when you thought UGG since 1974 boots couldn't get any better, you can swap your old trodden and worn insoles for some plush new ones! These are much more sturdy and have a nice sold base so they don't scrunch up like ordinary store bought ones. Amazing Customer service - absolute legends!

Extremely comfortable

Worth the wait - almost 4 months. But great products are worth the wait. Found the sized pretty tru to fit, perhaps slightly on the small size by 1/4 size. If between sizes order larger size and won’t be disappointed. I will definitely order again in the futue!!

Beautiful quality

My uggs are absolutely beautiful, material is soft, looks are divine! True to usual shoe size, was told to size down but when they weren’t right the team exchanged them within 2 weeks. Originally thought the platform might be too much but I am absolutely obsessed! The price and wait were well worth it!

Men's Classic Bomber Mid
Daren Louis Kingi
Love my UGGs since 1974

I was born in the USA and raised in Brisbane. I remember seeing the surfers wearing their UGG boots home from the beach. In the USA UGGs have been seen as women’s boots. I am a male so I bought a pair of your Bombers and love the fit look and feel and get a lot of positive comments as I wear them. These are great boots and I am so happy to have bought them. They are extremely comfortable and well made. I plan to buy another pair soon.

An old Friend...

Husband inherited a pair of 1974 Uggs and they were lost in a move...this new pair have replaced those with the same warmth, comfort and great look. He couldn't be happier. Thanks so much.

Best Choice Ever!

I have wanted a pair of Ugg Boots since I was little and the quality of the American Brand used to be pretty good. I suffer from cold feet and often use wool socks but they are little help, especially in the winter so I finally knocked my stomach and decided to buy a pair for my birthday.
They were out of stock at the time but I emailed to ask when they would be back in stock and the day they did I immediately placed an order. Due to the long manufacturing times I did become slightly worried when I didn’t receive my package around the time they said I would and even lost my original purchase email. Everytime time I emailed the company I received a fast response answering all++ my questions. Their customer service has truly been amazing, super helpful, polite, and understanding.
I finally received my boots and I absolutely love them. My only wish is that they did half sizes because I am currently wearing mine in the house to get the lining to adjust more to my size. I ordered a size 6 based off of the measurements I did. I am usually a 6 1/2-7 so my only worry is getting them to fit a bit more comfortably but they are an absolutely beautiful boot and the craftsmanship is amazing.
I can’t wait to wear these in the fall/winter and I know I made the best choice waiting to order these over the American brand Uggs and plan to order a new pair of slippers soon.

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