Cancellation Policy

We work hard to ensure that we commence work on all of our orders very soon after they are received, and that orders are promptly advanced to our workshop once placed. For this reason, we are unable to make changes or cancel an order once it is placed, unless we receive notice of your request within 4 hours of your order being placed.

If you do need to change or cancel your order within this window, please immediately email us at, with your order number and the specific details of your request. Please allow up to 3 business days for our customer service team to respond to your cancellation request as we are working through much higher volumes than usual. It is not necessary to send multiple requests as we guarantee that all cancellation requests will be actioned in due course.

Kindly be advised that all refunds will be sent in Australian Dollars (AUD). For international customers, please keep in mind that currency exchange rates experience daily fluctuations, potentially resulting in very slight variations in the amounts paid/received. Your bank may also pass on a currency exchange fee before the Australian Dollar funds are cleared in your account in your local currency. We will always refund you the precise Australian Dollar amount we received. Naturally, we have no control over fluctuations in currency, or fees charged by your bank for receipt of foreign currency, and in the event there is a marginal difference at the time of cancellation, we very much appreciate your understanding as we are an Australian business and are not able to refund amounts in excess of the purchase amount in AUD. 

If more than 4 hours have elapsed since your order was placed, then it has been advanced into our workshop and can no longer be recalled, withdrawn or changed.

***Given our current wait times, we are happy to assist you to cancel your order beyond our standard 4 hour window, provided we have not already commenced handcrafting your order. Please email us at the earliest opportunity if you need to cancel your order and await our reply, so that we can do our best to assist.*** 


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