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Men's Burleigh Button Mid
Men's Burleigh Button Mid
Men's Burleigh Button Mid
Men's Burleigh Button Mid
Burleigh Button Mid Sand sheepskin Australian Made UGG Boots
Burleigh Button Mid Sand sheepskin Australian Made UGG Boots
$ 209.00 AUD

Men's Burleigh Button Mid

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The versatile Burleigh Button Mid is the ideal every day ugg boot, with easy button access. The sheepskin inner will naturally wick away moisture to keep your feet fresh and dry.
Sizing: Our sizing is true to size, and it’s always best to buy a snug fitting pair of UGGs as they will stretch slightly over time.

Additional info:

  • A-Grade double face Australian Merino sheepskin
  • Replaceable sheepskin innersoles
  • Outdoor sole for comfort, strength and durability
  • Average boot height 18cm
  • Proudly made in Australia


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Expertly crafted Australian made product

Much better than a cheap Chinese knock-off

Amazing First Pair of the Real thing

I was doing research on Christmas gifts for my family and I had come across a youtube video from a person named Brooklyn Kelly. The video she created talked about real vs. fake uggs and it definitely piqued my interest. She was comparing the US UGG brand and UGG Since 1974. After watching the video I had learned the truth about uggs and it led me down a rabbit hole on the internet in which I tried to find as much information about true Australian-made uggs. To keep it short I found all the information I needed about UGGs and there was no going back, I was committed to making sure to support not only an Authentic ugg company, but one that was completely Australian made, family-owned, and handmade.

I was intrigued especially by the button mid boot, they looked stylish and the perfect height. I was debating on waiting till later this when it would be winter as I am from California and our winters aren't very long, let alone very cool either. I couldn't resist any longer so I made my purchase for these boots and I couldn't be happier! The craftsmanship is amazing and the quality is beautiful, especially when comparing it to the mass-produced UGG brand in the US. You can just feel the quality of the sheepskin used to make the boot and I can definitely tell that they are going to last.

Another amazing thing was the packaging. The packaging was so carefully wrapped and you can truly tell the time taken to make everything leading up to opening the package so momentous. I highly recommend ordering from UGG Since 1974 and personally, I will be coming back in the future to purchase boots not only for myself but for my friends and family as well.

Uggs in Britain

Most women in Britain seem to own a pair of Uggs but men here don’t wear them despite being the ideal footwear for the season. Female friends tell me they’re extremely comfortable and can be worn with pretty much any outfit, and they keep looking good as they age, so I thought “This winter I’m going to do it” and I did!

Most Ugg branded boots sold in the UK are made in China which can hardly be regarded as Australian, so I went online and discovered Ugg Since 1974. I chose the Burleigh Button boot in tan and the Designer Flip Flop in dark blue, placed my order and they arrived a week later

The care with which the company in Australia packs the goods has to be seen to be believed, and it almost seemed a shame to open them!

Sliding into the flip flops and feeling soft sheepskin between my toes was a truly sensuous experience; they’re gloriously comfortable and I can’t see I’ll be wearing anything else around the house for quite a while.

As for the boots, we’re in the middle of winter so I’ve been wearing them out and about constantly; I love the style, they’re supremely comfortable with bare feet and yes, a guy in Uggs has attracted comment!

Many thanks to those great people in Australia who processed my order, made the items, packed and shipped them; you have a satisfied customer who will be returning!