"Socks and UGGs?" : The Answer From Someone in the Know

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“So should I wear socks with my UGG boots?” While this really comes down to personal preference, the answer from those of us in the know, is “no” – UGGs are designed to be worn without socks, and for good reason.

We get asked the “socks with UGGs” question here at the home of Australian made UGG boot on an almost daily basis. And whilst we’ve been telling our customers for years not to wear socks with UGGs, one of our retail members from our UGG Since 1974 family recently felt the need to test the theory to bring a firsthand knowledge to her customers. The result? “I could hardly feel the warmth from my UGGs and the fit was now too tight anyway,” she observed.

Let’s focus mainly on the first aspect of her realisation about the reduced warmth of UGGs when wearing socks.  Genuine sheepskin wool is an active fibre which means it will regulate to your body’s temperatures and keep your feet body temperature warm even when in the face of blistering cold weather. It can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water, drawing moisture away from our bodies so we can stay dry, regardless of the temperature.  Being a natural insulator, this particular property will only work to its full potential if worn on bare skin which is why UGGs are much warmer without socks than with socks. Besides, who buys a pair of UGGs for the pleasure of warmth and comfort of the natural sheepskin to then mask it with a pair of socks?

The second issue that was observed when wearing socks with UGGs, was the change to the fit of the world’s favourite comfort footwear. Even thin socks can detract from the cosy fit of your UGG boots, because when you buy the correct size UGGs, socks will get in the way of the natural process which occurs as the fibres of the sheepskin mould around your feet. With socks on your feet, the warmth and comfort of the sheepskin can’t get in between your toes, fill out the arch of your foot and wrap your ankles up like a fluffy blanket. Some people also find that their UGGs are too tight when worn with socks, so if you’re planning to go against the grain and wear a “socks and UGGs combination”, you should keep this in mind when choosing your size (of course, our sizing is based around UGGs being worn without socks).

Many of our customers are concerned that if they wear their UGGs without socks, they’re likely to become dirty or smelly on the inside. Generally speaking, UGGs which are manufactured from 100% A-Grade quality Merino sheepskin should not develop an odour, given the loose fibrous nature of the sheepskin will allow your feet to breathe, and will also wick away deposits of sweat as they start to form. (We can’t say the same for products made from synthetic or low-quality sheepskin though, so steer clear of those at all costs). However, you certainly should always ensure that your feet are washed, clean and dry before you put them into your glorious boots by UGG Since 1974. Whilst UGGs are magic enough to prevent your feet from becoming odourous, they can’t undo dirt or odour which is brought into the UGGs from your feet in the first place. For this reason, we recommend getting into the habit of making sure your feet are dry and clean every time you put them into your warm, cosy UGGs.  

Although we’re sure you’ll enjoy your UGGs much more without socks, we know it can be a personal preference for some. So, our parting tip? If you’re still sure you’d prefer to wear socks with your UGGs, we recommend wearing a sock made from a natural material such as bamboo or 100% cotton.

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