Care and Quality


Our UGG boots are made using real sheepskin. We do not use wool that has been adhered to a synthetic backing. Due to the high cost of A-grade Australian Merino sheepskin, one of the first warning bells will be a so called “UGG boot” advertised at a very cheap price. Fake sheepskin can easily be recognised – Part the fibres lining the boot with your fingers and if there is a woven or knitted backing under the fibres then it is NOT real sheepskin therefore not a real UGG boot.

Some UGG boot manufacturers use lower grade sheepskin, synthetic materials or use wool that has been sewn into a synthetic lining. Sheepskin is a natural product which breathes, absorbs moisture and provides a warmth and comfort superior to any synthetics – that’s also why they should be worn without socks. Most synthetics become very smelly with wear. UGG Since 1974 only uses genuine A-grade Australian Merino sheepskin.

If you put a little effort into the protection and care of your UGG boots, they will last you for a very long time.


Unlike the majority of sheepskin boots available on the market, UGG Since 1974 offers a luxury product that is 100% hand-crafted and designed in Australia. Our production team takes immense pride in what they do.  They invest a high attention to detail and care into every pair of boots. Countless hours are spent sourcing the highest quality materials to produce a range of boots that are clearly distinguishable from other brands.

Protection & Care

Because sheepskin is a natural product, there may be some irregularities and slight variations in colour and texture. These traits are characteristic of fine sheepskin and add to the beauty and character of the footwear.

Protect your UGG boots against stains and water marks by treating them prior to wearing them for the first time. Treatment will vary depending on the exterior finish of the boot. For suede exteriors, we recommend using a UGG Suede Protector Spray designed specifically for UGG boots. For incidental scuffs and marks, simply brush lightly with a soft suede brush or sponge. For a more thorough clean, we recommend a gentle wool shampoo designed specifically for suede UGG boots.


Store your UGG boots in a soft cloth bag to avoid scratches to the crystal elements.

Please ensure that when cleaning with moisture, only cleaning agents that do not damage the surrounding material are used. By correctly cleaning them, you will restore the full reflectivity of your Swarovski elements.


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