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Men's Classic Mid
Men's Classic Mid
Men's Classic Mid
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Men's Classic Mid

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As the most important addition to your wardrobe due to its age-old popularity, we’ve delivered the most wanted colours, to make choosing a little easier and more exciting for you! Get creative this season with colour in our time best-seller, our Classic Mid UGG.

Proudly 100% Australian Handmade & Authentic using sustainable & ethically sourced materials & packaging.

Sizing: Our sizing is true to size, and it’s always best to buy a snug fitting pair of UGGs as they will stretch slightly over time.

Please note the UGG size will be shown on the tags upon arrival.
You can download our printable size chart here – please note sizes are shown in UGG Sizing.
* men – If you used our printable size chart, be sure to select your UGG size rather than your US size.


  • Crafted from carefully chosen & sustainably sourced breathable A-Grade double-face Australian Merino sheepskin with a minimum thickness of 17mm
  • Authenticated with an Australian Made Sew In Label + Tags
  • Featuring a lightweight yet sturdy EVA sole for optimal comfort and durability, suitable for daily indoor and outdoor wear
  • Authenticated UGG Australian Made Since 1974 logo
  • Our sheepskin undergoes meticulous hand-cutting to eliminate any natural blemishes like seed holes and scars, ensuring unparalleled quality
  • Employing premium thread and binding for superior craftsmanship

Boot height:

Care & Protection

We recommend our Suede Protector Spray to ensure your UGGs look fresher for longer
Our UGG Boots also come with replaceable innersoles.

Looking for more information? Check our FAQs

Customize your UGGs
Want to make your UGGs truly unique? Customise me!

    We are proud to manufacture each and every order at our workshop on the Gold Coast, Australia. Please take our dispatch estimates into account when placing your order. You can find them here.


    We are proud to manufacture each and every order at our workshop on the Gold Coast, Australia. Please take our dispatch estimates into account when placing your order. You can find them here.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 97 reviews
    Robert Lindquist
    Compares favorably to other brands I've owned

    I have been wearing Ugg-style boots for 20 years or more and have owned several brands, dating back to the original pre-Decker Australian-made Uggs. I'm a bit of snob about sheepskin boots, and I believe the best ones come from the small shops in Australia. So many of the brands now come from China or elsewhere, and they just aren't the same. When I learned about Uggsince1974, I bought a pair, and right out of the box, I was impressed with the quality, workmanship, and materials. Even compared to another Australian-made pair I have, I noticed the stitching and the leather on the new pair was a step up. I used the PDF sizing guide to determine the correct size, and they fit perfectly. I've only worn them for a few weeks, so it's too early to say how well they wear and last, but I can say that they are the most comfortable and best-made uggs I've ever owned.

    Daren Louis Kingi
    Love my UGGs since 1974

    I was born in the USA and raised in Brisbane. I remember seeing the surfers wearing their UGG boots home from the beach. In the USA UGGs have been seen as women’s boots. I am a male so I bought a pair of your Bombers and love the fit look and feel and get a lot of positive comments as I wear them. These are great boots and I am so happy to have bought them. They are extremely comfortable and well made. I plan to buy another pair soon.

    Mostly Wonderful

    I've wanted a pair of these for years and finally pulled the trigger over Christmas. They arrived a week ago and I've hardly taken them off!They're by far the comfiest shoes I own, and even warmer than I expected.
    If I have one gripe: I absolutely love the sheepskin insoles, but within two days of wearing them, the wool is peeling off the insole of the left boot. I bought a spare pair of insoles when I bought my boots so I can always swap one out, but I didn't expect to have to within two days of them being new! I'll attempt glue first and see how that goes.

    Joseph Gauthier
    Right boot squeaks terribly

    Waited 3 months for a pair to be shipped to the US. I was super excited as the Uggs I bought off Amazon weren't very good. I had no problem waiting but was very disappointed when the right boot squeaked. It's terrible. And obviously a defect in the sole... ironically the fake Amazon Uggs never had any issues. These are nicer but squeeking every where I go made them unwearable. Really disappointed in them and a waste of time and money for me. Maybe you will get ones that don't squeak....

    Jay Heenan
    Pre-broken softness

    The 8 weeks of waiting were 100% worth it when my UGGs arrived feeling soft and already broken in. The inlet at the top is wide enough to let my big feet in unlike the crappy mass produce store ones.

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