5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Aussie Dad that has Everything

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Newsflash: There’s only 7 days until Father’s Day, which means there’s only 6 shopping days left to secure your position as the Golden Child with Dad this Father’s Day with an epic present. Luckily for you, we’ve got a wrap up of 5 of the best Father’s Day gift ideas to make sure your dad finally wakes up next Sunday with something he actually wants.


1. Apple TV

If your dad is even partly open to technology but is yet to branch out into the field of binge watching TV shows from home, then this one ticks all the boxes. Whether he’s into fishing and camping, comics, fast cars or the Royal family, Apple TV has something for every dad. After you’ve purchased the device, go the extra mile to set it up for him (this will avoid any expletives as he tries to connect the right cords up) and give him a quick tutorial on how to use the thing, and he’ll be watching all the box office hits, TV dramas and latest documentaries straight from his very own lounge room.

You’ll get extra brownie points for this one if you line him up with this list of the 25 best movies to watch on Father’s Day listed here, thrown together by our friends over at Harper’s Bazaar.


2. Scrabble

Generally speaking, dads like to prove their ultimate supremacy in the intelligence arena, so giving them an opportunity to put the rest of the family to shame will be well received. Our personal favourite game for family bonding is Scrabble – there’s nothing like the insults which get thrown around the room when someone tries to play the word “QI” over a triple word. (Yes, QI is an acceptable Scrabble word but doesn’t bode well for your moral compass if you try to play it.) 

If you really want to cement a win for dad this Father’s Day, you could also consider gifting him Trivial Pursuit, which your dad is almost a certainty to win given all the questions are based on history and politics – two areas only dads really care about.

Why not make an annual board game a Father’s Day tradition in the household to really bolster the family’s competitive spirit. 


3. UGG boots or slippers by UGG Since 1974 

If you can sneak into your dad’s wardrobe and surreptitiously work out his shoe size, then a pair of UGG boots or slippers from UGG Since 1974 is hands down the way to go. Most Australians don’t realise that 96% of the world’s UGG boots are actually made in China, so save the day (like dad normally does) and buy him something Australian made.

Since these UGGs are handcrafted on the Gold Coast and made from proper Australian sheepskin, your dad will revel in wearing the real deal (and telling anyone who’ll listen that he actually has the Aussie made version), and you’ll be awarded the Golden Child status for the rest of the year for buying dad something we all know he’s way too stingy to buy for himself. Trust us on this one, these ones are ALWAYS a winner.

Enter “4DAD” at the checkout to get yourself free postage on your new purchase for before Wednesday at uggsince1974.com.au.


4. Weber BBQ 

If your dad loves a good BBQ but he currently takes up half the deck with a rusty monstrosity he bought from Aldi four years ago, then it’s time to get your siblings together and throw in for a Weber. Webers are one of those things that you can’t truly appreciate until you have one: but once you’ve got one, you can’t go back.

Dad will love the new compact size of his Weber (opt for the Baby Q Weber model if you want an extra cute BBQ – yes there is such a thing), which is easy to clean and manouvre, and you can even accessorise the purchase with one of those custom “Dad on the BBQ” aprons from Etsy. Hell, you can even get him out on the Weber in his new sheepskin UGG slippers just before the Scrabble game, which ought to really get a smile on dad’s dial.


5. Gift Voucher for Breakfast

If dad is more the foodie type but you can’t fry an egg for all money, then you can make up for your lack of skill with a cleverly chosen gift voucher at dad’s favourite café, watering hole or restaurant.  

If you’re local to the Gold Coast, we can highly recommend exchanging your cash for a Bam Bam Bakehouse voucher (you can buy these promptly online so if you’re reading this at 6am on Sunday morning, you know what to do), where dad can indulge in all of the croissants, eggs benny and breakfast nasi goreng in one sitting.

Mum will probably be chuffed with this one too, since she’ll get to reap the benefits, and dad will breathe a silent sigh of relief when he realises you won’t melt the plastic egg flipper into the omelet this year.


So if you've got the world's best dad, make sure you spoil him this Father's Day with a gift fit for a legend. Happy shopping!

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