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If you’re shopping with UGG Since 1974, you’re probably familiar with the story of our Australian brand, and know that we generally handcraft our premium UGG boots and slippers to order here in Australia. We are so proud to be celebrating 50 years of producing the world’s finest quality UGG boots this year, and the support for our Australian brand as we approach half a century of our craft has been nothing short of extraordinary. We know our wait times are unusually long at the moment, and we want to let you know what we’re doing about it – because we’re in overdrive to bridge the gap between demand and supply whilst maintaining the premium quality product we’re known the world over for.      

While we are a significant operation, our boots are all made one-by-one by hand rather than automated machines, and we don’t subscribe to mass-produced techniques. The sheepskin in your boots will be selected by hand, ensuring only the fluffiest, thickest sheepskin is used, and we’ll cut around any natural imperfections in the sheepskin so that you don’t find scratches or marks in your boots. Your boots will be joined and sewn together by our talented craftspeople, guided artfully through sewing machines with their hands, one pair at a time. Binding, zips, buttons and embellishments will all be added by hand, one feature at a time. As your boots near completion, the soles will be glued and hammered on with an age-old boot making technique, before they are personally checked for quality compliance, tagged, brushed and prepared for wrapping.

As you can probably imagine, all of this work takes time, and talented people, to make sure our quality remains at the standard we are renowned for – and you’re always likely to encounter a wait with our brand when you choose to shop with us for this reason. It’s what makes our products special, and hard to come by. At the moment though, our wait times are very significant, and we know this. Thank you for standing by us, while we do what we can to speed things up. Your overwhelming support has enabled us to commence training new craftspeople, employ a larger team, increase production hours and grow our output, plus upstaff our customer service department and expand other aspects of our operations. That having been said, we won’t cut corners, and we refuse to compromise on quality, so our growth is measured and we can’t make all of this happen overnight. We hope that within the next 3 months, you will see a significant reduction in wait times.       

In terms of our dispatch estimates, you can click on the banner on our website, or simply visit our home page, for up-to-date lead times. We also include your likely date of dispatch in the shipping options at checkout.  We’re giving safe and conservative estimates of likely dispatch dates, because the last thing we want to do is let you down. So, whilst there is every chance your order may be completed ahead of schedule, we’d rather be transparent with you at the time of ordering, and prepare you with a realistic expectation about when we will be crafting your boots.

We are so appreciative of your ongoing support and patience during this time, and of course, for favouring quality and slow fashion, done right. We promise that if you can make do with our lead times, you won’t be disappointed with your new boots from UGG Since 1974.


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