Choosing the Perfect UGGs for Your Baby or Toddler

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As parents, we all want the best for our little ones, and that includes keeping their feet cosy and comfortable. When it comes to footwear for babies and toddlers, Ugg Since 1974’s Australian Made Ugg boots have become a popular choice due to their natural fibre softness, warmth, and adorable designs. However, selecting the right size can sometimes be confusing, especially considering the different sizing options available. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of choosing the perfect UGGs for your baby or toddler, focusing on the distinctions between toddler UGGs and the kid’s range.

Understanding the Size Chart: We categorize our footwear based on age and foot length, ensuring a snug and proper fit for growing feet. When it comes to sizing, it's crucial to refer to our size chart to make an informed decision.


For your Baby or Toddler;

The only difference between our baby and toddler UGGs, is that the toddler UGGs have a rubber sole, which is ideal for little ones who are gaining confidence by walking about both inside and outside.  

The baby collection has a soft sheepskin bottom rather than a rubber sole.

Both options are available in sizes small, medium & large with the following measurements guided by your child's foot length;

SMALL: 0-6 Months- 105mm

MEDIUM: 6-12 Months – 115mm

LARGE: 12-18 Months – 140mm

Baby UGG BootsToddler UGG Boots

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For any children over 18 months, we then recommend moving on to our Kids range which starts at a kid’s size 7.



We have 4 main options in our kids range which have been our most loved staples for years. 

Our most popular have been our Kids Velcro & Button styles die to their easy slip-on design and secure fit make them suitable for children of all ages, promoting independence and self-sufficiency. You can also roll these two styles down on the side to make it easier to get your childs foot into them. 

Our Kid's slippers also just got better. Now equipped with an elastic strap around the heel, providing extra security for our adventurous little explorers. With this innovative heel strap, you can rest assured that the slippers will stay snugly on their feet throughout the day, granting both kids and parents the confidence they need for worry-free adventures.



Room to Grow
Keep in mind that children's feet grow quickly, so it's wise to choose a size with a little extra room to accommodate growth. However, make sure there's not too much space as excessively loose footwear can be uncomfortable and affect walking stability. Please note that our Ugg boots tend to stretch out half a size after the first few wears.


By following the size chart and considering factors like foot measurement, room to grow, style, and comfort, you can confidently choose the perfect UGGs for your little one. Embrace the warmth, softness, and style of UGGs, knowing that your child's feet are snugly protected in the finest of Australian made sheep wool and ready for any adventure that comes their way.


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