Peripheral neuropathy - A Soothing Remedy

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Do you suffer with Peripheral neuropathy? If you do, we may just have the perfect soothing remedy for your feet.

Here's a wonderful and genuine review from one of our customers in the USA. We hope you can feel the same comfort that he has.


"Hey Everyone Down Under!!! I have severe neuropathy in both of my feet. This causes me to purchase shoes/sneakers that are extremely comfortable with lots of cushion. I end up getting Nike Flyknit Zoom that retail here in the us for $180.00 USD. I like that, but they aren't always the best.

I also have an issue due to having polio as a kid with my left foot. I have a bone on the bottom left outside arch where the bone is pushing through the skin. It has caused a callus that they can't operate on due to my other health issues so they try to use cushioning techniques to help. That includes the Nike sneakers.

When I ordered the boots I wasn't sure why I went ahead and ordered them when I had issue with a pair of shoes I bought locally that were UGGS. The US Version. At the time I didn't know the difference.

I went ahead though and ordered from you directly. When the boots came I treated them with the treatment you sent along and waited a few days then put them on. Now I don't want to take them off.

I don't know why our how, but since I started wearing them I don't have any issues with neuropthy. The pain on the left side of my foot that needs cushioning doesn't need it when I'm wearing the boots. In fact the only days I enjoy are days when I have my boots on. Now I am going to purchase another pair of the shoes with buttons as soon as I get the funds, I am completely sold on UGG Since 1974.

I wrote to my Dr and told him about what happened and he should recommend the boots to everyone with neuropathy. It may not work for everyone, but I thought you should know the boots work for me. I haven't had this kind of relief in years. THANK YOU!!!!!"


Why our UGG Boots work: 

True-blue Australian sheepskin, such as ours, has moisture wicking and temperature regulating properties that allow this luxurious and resilient skin to regulate its microclimate. Without direct contact to the skin, this is unachievable. The wool’s ability to regulate body temperature – in any climate – has priceless health benefits. One being that temperature regulation within the body ultimately promotes the regulation of blood pressure - a fundamental aspect of overall health and wellbeing.

The thick fibre density of our A-grade sheepskins also cushions the body – providing optimal support and evenly distributing weight on pressure points to prevent muscle strain. 

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