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Are you wanting to know the difference between UGG®’s Fluff Yeah Slides and UGG Since 1974’s Designer Sandals? We’ve done a quick round up of the main differences to help make choosing our Designer Sandals a little easier.


First of all, if you’re wondering why we don’t stock the Fluff Yeah slides, we are a totally different company to the American owned UGG® company which sells the Fluff Yeahs. We are an original Australian owned company, UGG Since 1974. The main difference between our two companies is that the American owned UGG® company does not manufacture any of its footwear in Australia. On the other hand, we make each and every pair of our UGG boots, slippers and slides right here on the Gold Coast, Australia. So if you’re looking for an Australian made pair of slides, you’ll want to steer away from brands like UGG® who do not manufacture their products in Australia. You can read more about the differences between our company UGG Since 1974, and UGG® in our post here.

As for the other main differences between our Designer Sandals and the Fluff Yeah slides, you might be interested to know the following:-


Fluff Yeah

Designer Sandals

  • Made in Vietnam
  • Produced in larger numbers
  • Not able to be readily customised
  • 10mm sheepskin upper and sole
  • Made from sheepskin from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, or UK
    (Source: UGG® website)
  • Made from start to finish in Australia
  • Made to order, meaning each pair is manufactured especially for each customer
  • Able to be customised – why not switch up the logo, change the colour of the fur on the sole, or if they’re only for around the house wear, try out our lightweight, thin rubber sole
  • 16mm sheepskin upper and sole
  • Made from 100% Australian or New Zealand sheepskin in more than 20 different colours


Designer Sandals by UGG Since 1974 

Designer Sandals by UGG Since 1974Ready to browse our Designer Sandals? Follow the link here.

Don’t forget, you can order our Designer Sandals in any of our available sheepskin colours. Check out the full range of colours here.

We’re 100% Australian handmade - The way UGGs should be.

Want to read more about the differences between UGG Since 1974™ and UGG®? Click here. 

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