How to Clean Your UGG Boots

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“How can I clean my UGG boots?”

This a question we are frequently asked here at UGG Since 1974. As all of our UGGs are handmade using natural A-grade Merino sheepskin, it is extremely important to care for your UGGs from the moment you purchase them, and definitely before putting them on your feet.

When you get your new handmade UGGs home, we recommend that you spray them twice with our suede protector spray to protect them against stain and water marks. This is a water-based spray which means it will not stain your UGGs like other oil-based suede protectors will. You can watch our handy instructional video demonstrating how to spray your UGGs here.

Many of our customers reject the idea of spraying their UGGs before wearing them as they are “only going to be worn inside”. However, even from inside wear, they are still likely to be splashed or marked with every day wear, like when the condensation from your glass of water drops onto your UGGs, or until you decide to start pushing the boundaries and start cooking in them. Here’s what one of our UGG obsessed customers had to say;

“Yes, I’ve done this before and let me just tell you I am forever grateful I sprayed my UGGs before I started wearing them because of all things, I spilt curry on mine while cooking. Luckily enough for me, it came out with a light brush of a dampened sponge – all because I sprayed them!”

Are you a hard core UGG wearer? We’ve curated a kit especially for you which includes our Suede protector spray, a sponge and a Suede cleaning spray.  You can purchase the kit here.

For any incidental scuffs where the suede tends to look like it has scraped, scratched or has dirt on the surface, we recommend lightly brushing the suede with the soft dry sponge to bring the suede back to its natural state. This will slightly increase the length of the nap (the individual fibres of suede) and have them all heading in the same direction, just like brushing your hair. If you happen to lightly stain them, you can use the suede cleaning spray which is designed specifically for our suede sheepskin UGG boots. Simply spray the UGGs all over, and clean with a lightly dampened sponge. Do not spot clean as this is likely to cause discolouration on your UGGs. Please note that washing them may lighten the overall colour of your UGGs.

Got a small oil mark on your UGGs after months or years of wear? Oil stains are one of the hardest things to lift out of sheepskin, and like red wine in carpet, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to remove the mark. However, there is something you can try before giving up. CHALK! If possible, use a piece of chalk that has a similar colour to the suede. Firstly, rub the chalk on a surface nearby to loosen up that chalk so that it easily rubs onto the stain on the suede. You do not want to have to apply any pressure as this will cause the oil/water to go deeper into the suede and make the chalk harder to remove. Once you have a nice coating of chalk directly over the stain, put the boot aside for 5 minutes to allow the chalk to draw out the moisture. Once the 5 minutes have passed, proceed to tap the area where the chalk has been placed on the suede with a clean finger. The chalk should begin to dust off. Feel free to vigorously tap this area with your finger for 1- 2 minutes. After this, use a soft, clean, dry sponge to spread the remaining chalk and clean up the surface of the boot. If the stain has been removed slightly but still remains, please repeat. Please do not repeat this process more than 5 times in the exact same spot as you will start to remove the colour from the suede.

Please keep in mind that if the chalking doesn’t work the first time, it’s likely that the oil stain is too ingrained to be removed, so it may be time to accept defeat or upgrade to a new pair of boots if the mark is bothering you.  

When your boots are stained or marked with a wet substance, we advise you to use a suede cleaning spray. The Suede Cleaning Spray (available in our Care Kit) is designed specifically for our suede sheepskin UGG boots. Sheepskin fibres are not tightly woven together like other leathers, therefore it requires the spray to have a certain viscosity so as not to penetrate all of the way through the suede. To correctly use the sheepskin cleaning spray, simply spray the UGGs evenly across the whole surface. Once there is an even damp coating over the boots, proceed to lightly wipe with a very clean lightly dampened sponge. Please note that washing them will slightly change the overall colour of your UGGs. Depending of the colour they may either darken or lighten from the original colour. Do not spot clean as this will cause discolouration on your UGGs in one individual section. Once finished leave your boots to dry for 24 hours out of direct sunlight. Once they are dry you are ready to hug those feet with your cosy UGGs!

Whilst we can't recommend this approach - if your boots are extremely dirty, we are aware that some customers have had success by covering their boots in our Suede Cleaning Spray, removing the innersoles, completely submerging their UGGs in clean, cold water, and lightly washing them. If you need this level of deep clean, be prepared that once you wash your UGG boots, the feel of the sheepskin may change significantly. Although you'll have a clean pair of UGGs, the appearance of them will be completely different to how they came when you first bought them. Personally, because of the changes which occur to suede and sheepskin when washed, we wouldn't recommend this process - but we do understand that sometimes cleanliness is all that matters. 

Finally, if the inside of your boots are feeling a little flatter than when you bought them, chances are you have worn down your innersoles from wear. Over time, this is an unavoidable result of well worn UGGs, but you can rejuvenate them by removing the old innersoles, and replacing them with a brand new pair. You can learn how to replace your innersoles here.

When buying new innersoles, if you can't remember what size your boots are, here are some good tips:

  • If you've purchased boots in the last few years, depending on style, the size of your UGGs may be stamped on the bottom of the rubber sole. 
  • If not too well worn, check the underside of your current innersoles once you remove them. You should see a stamped number on the bottom of the sole board reflecting the size of your UGGs. 
  • If you've purchased online, search your emails for your order confirmation from UGG Since 1974, or get in touch with your first and last name (you can email and we can search it for you.
  • When in doubt, opt for a larger size rather than a smaller size, as our innersoles are able to be cut down to size with a sharp pair of scissors if all else fails.

Now that we’ve taught you everything there is to know about cleaning and caring for your UGGs and keeping them protected from the get go, you're set up to keep your UGGs looking as good as new for many years to come.

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