What are genuine UGG Boots?

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You may have found yourself asking this question when buying yourself or a friend a pair of UGGs.

We are UGG Since 1974, an Australian owned, Australian made manufacturer of the finest quality UGG boots. With over forty-five years’ experience crafting UGG boots, our heritage dates back to the 1970s, when UGG boots were first innovated in our Australian backyard. Under the watchful eye of a young sheep classer from the Australian country, it was then that our bespoke workshop started turning out premium quality sheepskin boots and accessories, one piece at a time.

There are many different UGG brands in Australia but finding high quality UGG boots that are genuinely made in Australia can be tricky business. It is important to recognise the different qualities in sheepskin, workmanship, country of origin, and to always ensure that the Ugg boots you purchase are 100% made in Australia (and you can check the sew-in label to be sure). In fact, we are one of the oldest manufacturers of UGG boots in the world, having been proudly manufacturing Ugg boots in Australia since 1974. All of our boots are made from A-Grade double face sheepskin and are the highest quality 100% Australian made UGG boots available.

While there are many brands of UGGs worldwide and in Australia that carry the world famous green Australian Made tag, a discerning customer will need to go one step further to ensure their UGG boots are made completely in Australia. After all, the Australian Made (green and gold logo) tag can be used when a product has “undergone its last substantial transformation in Australia”. So true, a product may have undergone its finishing touches in Australia, but how do you know what the genuine characteristics of the product are and where the majority of the initial beginnings of the product happened?

Ah, that brings us to the over looked and hidden gem, the sewn in label!

Now that I have your attention, go and check the sewn in label of the garment you’re currently wearing. What does it say? Is there one at all? It is so important to look for the sewn in label when buying UGGs or any product for that matter! For instance, they may have that green Australian Made tag, or feature an UGG logo, but the sewn in label could say Made in China. The sewn in label (so long as it is present) will always tell you the country of origin and the materials used to craft the product. At UGG Australian Made Since 1974, we stay true to our UGGs being 100% Australian made and hand crafted, one at a time, right here in our humble factory as a family grown business!

And what was it we were saying about a genuine UGG being made from double face merino sheepskin? This means that the outer surface of our UGGs is sheepskin suede itself, while the inside is the genuine wool that is still attached to the skin. We only use the best A-Grade Merino sheepskin for all of our UGGs!

Have you ever bought a cheap pair of synthetic UGGs and pulled your feet out of them at the end of a long day to reveal that awful foot odour? Well, this is also why when purchasing an authentic pair of UGGs, it is important to buy double face A-Grade Merino sheepskin. Genuine sheepskin wool is an active fibre which means it will regulate to your body’s temperatures. It can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water, drawing moisture away from our bodies so we can stay dry, regardless of the temperature. It is both an insulator and a ventilator as it will allow all moisture and vapour from your feet to pass right through the natural fibres of the sheepskin. Also, in line with its anti-microbial characteristics, here at UGG Since 1974, you will have the luxury of purchasing UGGs that will remain odourless if they are properly cared for!

The extremely fine and soft qualities of the natural fibres allow for a naturally strong elasticity. Therefore, when purchasing our UGGs, they should always fit nice and snug as they will stretch approximately half a size!

So don’t forget, always check the sewn in label and come and visit us for a factory tour and see the magic of our hand crafted, 100% Aussie made UGGs at 23 Christine Avenue, Miami on the Gold Coast.

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  • I’m disappointed that the Uggs that I’ve purchased this year from a so called Uggs website and Macy’s dept store say made in China how 🤔 😳 and I live Uggs and buy them regularly I’ve spent 0ver a 1000 this Christmas for gifts smh

    Sandra on
  • I have always had UGG boots to wear in the house, after working all day in high heel shoes. A must for the winter months! They are warm on cold winter mornings up at One Tree Hill, with the mist outside, before I put the gas Rinnai Heater on & before the 3 kids got up for school. I bought a pair @ Sydney Airport before flying off to US & I wanted to keep my feet warm while I was away from Oz. I went to NZ last year & now love the possum/merino socks to wear around the house but I’ve still got a pair of UGG boots 40 years later. Thanks for being there, guys. They last for ages

    Pauline on

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