Are UGG Boots Cheaper In Australia?

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There are so many different UGG brands out there. Understandably, it can be overwhelming when choosing which brand to buy from and what price you are willing to pay for a pair of UGGs. 

Are UGG boots really cheaper to buy in Australia?

Our answer: They're not if you want high-quality. Quality Australian-made UGG boots made from premium, A-Grade Merino sheepskin tend to be pricier, and for good reason. You're getting what you're paid for. 

Other UGG brands that are being sold within Australia (but mass-produced outside of it), sell their products at a cheaper price - sacrificing on quality, sustainability and ethics to do so. 

We will give you a rundown on what exactly you are paying for when you purchase from us, or other Australian-based UGG manufacturers.


UGG boots made in Australia are without a doubt the best choice (and not just because they originated here). UGGs are one of those things that you can buy for $20 (a mass produced, synthetic pair which are made in China and designed to last half a winter) or $220. Here at UGG Since 1974, our talented team of craftspeople handmake our UGGs at our factory here on the Gold Coast, Australia. 

Quality Control

Other brands that mass-produce their boots in factories overseas, which means that attention to detail can be easily missed. If you are investing in a pair of UGG boots, it's important you are getting the top quality that you are paying for. UGG Since 1974's quality control team check over every single order to make sure what gets delivered to your doorstep is perfection! 

A-Grade Sheepskin

Many UGG boots are made out of an F-Grade sheepskin, which is one of the worst grade of sheepskin available. Some companies even opt for synthetic materials, instead of genuine sheepskin. These boots feel extremely thin and wiry, even coarse. They do not provide warmth or comfort like a pair of UGGs ultimately should. UGG Since 1974's boots feature A-grade Merino sheepskin, which a minimum thickness of 16mm. These are incredibly warm and comfortable, with the premium sheepskin obtaining natural wicking properties that helps regulate the temperature of your feet - pure bliss! 

Superior Care

When companies mass-produce, they can forget that there is another person on the end of an order. UGG Since 1974 offers a 12 month manufacturer's guarantee on our orders,  meaning in the unlikely case that you have a problem, we'll be right here to sort anything out for you.  


If you're searching for a pair of genuine UGG boots in Australia, we hope you choose UGG Since 1974. We are a small business based on the Gold Coast, Queensland and would love to handmake you a pair of premium sheepskin boots or slippers! 

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  • I have bought 4 pairs of Ugg’s from you guys. I have 2 pair of my own and bought a pair for my daughter and my granddaughter. They love them as much as I do. I will never buy from another company. The quality is outstanding. The feel is amazing and the looks are very appealing as well.

    Raquel C on
  • I,bought a pair of side lace ups back in 1978 and I still have them…..just sharing

    US based Aussie Trucker on

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