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Have you been looking for the perfect pair of UGGs to pair with your glorious winter outfit or to simply wear indoors? We’re sure most of you would have stumbled across UGG®’s Neumel UGG boots and you may be wondering whether or not our Dusty UGGs are worth the purchase. The answer is a confident YES. We’ve done all the hard work for you by finding the facts, straight from the sources themselves. Here’s why you should choose the Dusty UGGs from UGG Since 1974;



-         Made in Vietnam

-         Suede upper & wool lining

-         Stock standard

-         Only available in 4 colours

-         Handmade in Australia (keeping about 40 Aussie employees, well, employed!)

-         A-grade double faced Merino Sheepskin (all one piece of sheepskin – no separate linings & highest grade available) meaning more effective & natural insulating and ventilating properties!

-         Completely customisable panels – Aztecs to calf skin options

-         Available in 21 different colours, including water & snow resistant finishes


-         12 months manufacturer warranty


Ready to shop? View our Dusty range for Men and Women here

Want to know more about how to customise your Dusty UGGs, drop us a line;
We’re 100% Australian handmade - The way UGGs should be.
Want to read more about the differences between UGG Since 1974™ and UGG®? Click here.  

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