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Whether you’re feeling under the weather from a recent surgery, or you suffer from mobility issues, there’s nothing better than having warm, comfortable and practical accessories to make managing those winter months a little easier. We know first-hand that sometimes, it can be difficult to find the right fit when you need something a little different to the norm.  This winter, after years of honing our designs for our special customers who visit our Miami workshop, we’re happy to announce that many of our specialised medical UGGs are now available to be purchased online.  

Season after season, we get visitors of all sorts who we constantly do our best to cater for – especially when it comes to medical needs. We believe everyone deserves to be comfy during the winter seasons and so we are officially introducing our medical range. You can browse our medical range online here.

Do you have swollen or numb legs and often have troubles getting into boots? Let us help by offering a Velcro option which allows you to basically open up the whole side of the boot and slide your foot and leg right in without the hassle of trying to pull your leg through. We often meet a lot of people with nerve damage or circulation issues who find it to be a big task to pull on a pair of UGG boots. The aim of our Velcro medical range is to lighten your load and offer everyone and anyone the chance to keep warm this winter.

How’s your back been lately? The new placement of our zippers within our medical range mean you only have to place your feet into the UGGs and pull the zipper up the back for extremely easy access. How does that sound? Definitely a lot less painless than trying to pull on a pair of generic UGG boots or slippers! We also offer soft sheepskin soles so that your UGGs feel more like a sock if you don’t like the feeling of a hard or heavier surface beneath your feet, or for those who don’t weight-bear. This is also helpful for back issues if you need the movement beneath your feet to be a lot more flexible. Please be mindful to only wear these indoors as our sheepskin base UGGs are not designed to be worn outside.  

We hope to continue bringing forth new and helpful ideas for everyone because we believe anything is possible and that everyone deserves a pair of Australian made UGGs to keep them warm this winter! If you’ve browsed our current range and still have something special in mind, please get in touch with us via – we’re always happy to try and design the perfect UGGs for you.

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  • Hi there, does the MEDICAL ANKLE SLIPPER come in another colour, by any chance? Looking at a black pair for Mum. Thank you.

    Fotini Alexiou on
  • These are great! A friend of mine has lymphedema and I am showing him this product, for sure. Currently he cannot wear boots because of the difficulty of getting it around his ankles. I described the product to him already, and he says he more than likely will buy a pair. I live in Minnesota, USA, which is in the Arctic Circle. I can’t bear to think of him walking around and sneakers in a foot of snow and temperatures which reach -50 Fahrenheit most years. Thank you for thinking of people like my friend.

    OG Cece on

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