How to spot a fake pair of UGG boots

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With so many UGG companies within Australia, how does anyone possibly find out the difference between the Australian made and the imitation UGGs? Most of them generally tend to look quite similar as after all, UGGs are UGGs, and the general shape of them has stayed reasonably consistent over the years. In fact, some of the same UGG styles are still available 45 years on. In saying this, we do like to get a bit creative here at UGG Since 1974 and change the concept of our classic UGGs by dressing them up with buttons, bows, zips, leathers, monogramming - you name it! So, with so many UGG brands on the market, how do you spot real from the fake offshore pairs?

Here are our 5 helpful tips:- 

  1. Always check the sew in label. Is there one there?

The sew in label tells you where the UGGs are made and what they are made of. For instance, an UGG boot could have the green Australian Made Swing Tag or the name Australia in their business name but the inside label may say Made in China. If the boots do not have a label at all, it is highly likely they are not made in Australia as they do not want their customers to know the truth by having a sewn in label. It goes without saying that all Australian made UGG boots will proudly feature a sew in label saying “Made in Australia”.   


  1. The sheepskin and upper (outer layer) are not one piece.

A genuine UGG boot should be made using A-grade Double Faced sheepskin.  Double faced means the wool and the skin are all attached.  Unfortunately in most instances, only a wool lining is used which is then glued to a faux suede or cow leather which means you will not get the excellent insulating and ventilating properties that a genuine UGG boot can provide.


  1. The lining is synthetic.

Following on from our last point, have you ever tried on a pair of UGGs and your feet got quite sweaty and then the boots stunk and you had to throw them out? Welcome to the world of synthetic lining. Unfortunately a lot of UGG retailers will use a cheap synthetic lining which explains the $15-30 dollar UGGs you’ll find.  Real UGGs will be made using real sheepskin which will not let your feet smell or get sweaty.


  1. Does the company have a factory within Australia?

This is a question most people will commonly skip past as factories in Australia are not very common anymore. Here at UGG Since 1974, we openly welcome all visitors to take the tour of our factory as it is such an eye opening feature of the UGG boot industry. We only have 1 factory where we hand make all of our UGGs for our 4 stores located only within Australia, and our online store.


  1. Did you buy them in a store outside of Australia?

Did you know that you cannot buy 100% Australian made UGGs in stores outside of Australia as the American company who owns the trademark for UGG is the only company who is allowed to sell UGG boots under the name UGG outside of Australia and New Zealand? All of their ‘UGGs’ are made in Asia as clearly stated on their sew in labels.

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  • Keep up the good work, how dare they take our UGGs, you can tell though, we have quality, i promote yours all the time. Best ever.🙂

    Lyn on
  • Didnt know all that about ugg boots but now I do will make sure they are fair dinkum. So thank you I will pass this on to my family who love them

    Patricia Barker on
  • 40 years of wear best thing i have ever bought

    I Actually Had A Pair From 1978. Those Boots Lasted 40 Years on
  • Nothing compares to your hand made Australian made uggs!! They last forever! I buy a pair every time I am on the Gold Coast visiting from the U.S.
    I refuse to buy imitation for the same price or more!!

    Angie P on
  • I have several pairs of ugg boots from your gold coast store. They are just superb. Love them.

    betty on
  • UGG Australian Made Since 1974 are the “Real mcCoy”.
    I use to work as the Gold Coast company representative for the freight company that distributed their products around Australia.
    I have never dealt with a better organisation, with regards to their customer service and speed of manufacturing and freighting their orders. Their products are brilliant, as are their management and staff. We need more “Australian Owned” companies like these guys in Australia; especially considering they make the products here on the Gold Coast and employ locals in their factory.
    Keep up the great tradition guys. 10 out of 10 in my book.

    Chris Opferkuch on
  • Hello, we were in Australia in 2012 and all the family got their UGGs at one of your stores. We loved them and they lasted forever. Not once did they get smelly or with any strange odour. This year I have asked a friend to get me a pair as she si coming over to Chile …. You guys do a great job!!

    Ximena Zamora on
  • I travelled to Gold Coast in 2010 and purchased a piar of UGG in store, they are still in perfect condition NOW! Have been trying different brands but now I am back for another pair for this winter:)

    Christy Yau on
  • I have been checking the sew in label of almost every item of clothing I buy now. There is literally NOTHING made in Australia. Except for my UGGs, so now I love them even more!

    Erika Hatter on
  • Thanks for the info on how to recognise Uggs, keep up the good work 👍🏾

    Val Sol on

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