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We’re starting off the year with a puff of pastel at UGG Since 1974, launching our new Limited Edition Polar range of UGGs and slippers online and in store this week. Comprised of four pastel hues, our 2019 Polar range is a playful reminder that UGG boots can be so darn cute no matter how chilly it is outside. Designed exclusively by UGG Since 1974, our Polar range features all of our favourite colours of the season wrapped up into one fluffy collection of cosiness. If there’s one thing that’ll make your steaming cup of chai taste better, it’ll be a hug from your feet by a pair of brand new Polar UGGs.

The UGG Since 1974 Polar collection, made up of a light, dusty pink (hello, Posy), an angelic apricot (enter Sherbet), an adorable baby blue (that’s you, Powderpuff) and a perfectly paired light grey (Cloud of course), has all of your pastel bases covered. Now for the hard part - you’ll just need to work out which colour is for you.  

Is pink your thing? You’ll want to stay on top of this season’s trends with a pair of UGGs in Posy, the prettiest pink in all of the land. Are you a lover of the blues? Powderpuff has your name all over it. The crowd pleaser will go for Sherbet, undoubtedly the shade of the season, and if you really want to match the weather outside, then Cloud is for you. Just adore them all? We’ve got you covered with our pièce de résistance, our Polar Tricolour in our all-time best-seller, the Luxe Mid. Go on, check her out here.  

Our 2019 Polar range is available in our classic range of boots and slippers, but you can also use them in any custom made boots of your choosing. What exactly does this mean? Literally any of our styles can be handcrafted especially for you in any colour from the Polar range. Just drop us a line at and we can help you design something special, just for you.

With boots in our Polar collection already flying across the sewing benches here at UGG Since 1974, tune into our daily stories on Instagram (@UGGSince1974) to see them being meticulously handcrafted for our customers around the world.

Don’t forget - as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and our Limited Edition Polar range is just here for the season. So if you’re ready to get as snug as a bug in our Polar UGGs, shop the range here now.

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  • I just purchased UGG’s from the polar collection for my wife. She LOVES them! We live in Boston and UGG’s are in abundance here as the story goes, however they are not Australian Made! After purchasing a pair, locally, last week, we saw that they seemed generically made and we started to google imitation UGGs vs real and spent hours reading stories. We never knew the story about the UGG brand. All these years we thought we were purchasing Australian boots outsourced to China or Philippines.
    We went on our quest to get UGG’s made in Australia and found your company. We will always buy our UGGs from your company “” from now on. As mentioned, we live in Boston and we go through them every winter! Although we are buying another pair very soon, your variety is too irresistible to wait.

    Alexander Akoumianakis on

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