Who owns UGG Since 1974?

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UGG Since 1974 is an entirely Australian owned, third-generation, family business – and for those who are interested, we’re pleased to be transparent in sharing information about our origins and current ownership (which is proudly 100% Australian).


[Before we get started, UGG Since 1974 is completely unrelated to UGG®, the company distinguished by a larger typeface ‘G’ in the middle of their name ‘UGG’, a company which is not Australian made or owned, but is stocked in stores like David Jones and The Iconic. You can read more about the differences here.]  


From its humble beginnings within the shearing sheds of New South Wales, UGG Since 1974 is an iconic, Australian owned business that prides itself on remaining fiercely Australian in the face of international competition. The company’s heritage, quality workmanship and bespoke Australian products speak volumes of what is possible when we manufacture in Australia, and is something we, as Australians, should take great pride in.


UGG Since 1974 originally blossomed under the watchful eye of an adolescent working the Aussie countryside, Arthur Springthorpe, whose passion for quality sheepskin, wool and wool products stemmed from his experience in Australian woolsheds where he was employed as a wool classer. As a wool classer, Arthur’s expertise laid within examining the raw characteristics of the wool and grading it accordingly. What better experience to have if you will go on to handcraft the world’s finest quality UGG boots?


With a wealth of knowledge and skills, Arthur (with the help of his wife Faye) began handcrafting sheepskin and kangaroo products out of a small shed in a coastal town of New South Wales. By the early 1970s, the iconic Australian innovation known as UGG boots started gaining popularity on the east coast of Australia. For Faye and Arthur, their initial vision for the company was to support their family by capitalizing on the ever growing, Australian tourism industry; however, little did they know that the product of their Australian dream would become a worldwide necessity. Arthur and his wife Faye relocated the company to the Gold Coast in the late 1980s where they continued to work tirelessly to maintain quality workmanship, luxurious comfort and timeless style in each and every pair of UGG boots.


Almost five decades on, UGG Since 1974 still manufactures 100% Australian made UGG boots from their workshop on the Gold Coast.  While Arthur and Faye continue to proudly watch on, it is their grandson Todd and his wife Hannah (local Gold Coasters with a young family of their own) that now own and operate UGG Since 1974. With a lifetime of experience, Todd grew up in the business when it was operated by his parents (who acquired the business from Arthur and Faye in the 1990s), before going on to work in it during school holidays and throughout university, and then serving as the Production Manager for many years before purchasing the business several years ago. Knowing the product like no other, Todd still oversees production on a daily basis, ensuring the precision and quality instilled in him from his grandfather shines through in each and every product.  


The boots manufactured by UGG Since 1974 aren’t just another pair of UGGs – they are one of the minority that are actually Australian made. And by the time you purchase a pair, they’ve already been through more than 50 pairs Australian hands: from farmers to wool classers, couriers to suppliers, cutters to machinists, packers to sales assistants, and into your home. You’re also buying from a business that is entirely Australian owned (by the local Gold Coast family who continue to work in the business, day in, day out), alongside the large team of local and skilled craftspeople who work tirelessly to craft your boots to perfection. Now that’s something with a story, and something worth buying.   


Third generation owner, Todd with grandparents and founders Arthur and Faye Springthorpe at the UGG Since 1974 workshop on the Gold Coast. 

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