Do UGGs get smelly?

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Have you ever been forced to throw out a pair of your beloved UGGs due to an overwhelming bad smell? Never fear! You won’t find this with our quality UGG boots. Our UGGs are manufactured from A-Grade Merino sheepskin. What does that mean, exactly? The magical properties of natural sheepskin prevents any odour from developing - hooray!

Merino sheepskin is odour-resistant due to the unique properties found in its fibres. The wool fibres can absorb large quantities of water vapour, helping keep your skin dry and prevent the build-up of sweat, bacteria and unpleasant smells. When you’re in your UGGs, your feet will be able to breathe and wick away any deposits of sweat as they start to form. Sheepskin also has wonderful ventilation properties, allowing moisture to soon evaporate. 

To help keep your UGGs feeling and smelling fresh, there are a few handy tips you should follow.

  • Always ensure your feet are washed, clean and dry before you wear your boots from us here at UGG Since 1974. Whilst the A-Grade Merino Sheepskin can work its magic on natural odours, it can’t keep away the smells brought on by dirt. So, make sure your feet are nice and clean before you place them in your cosy UGGs!
  • If you do find yourself with a pair of UGGs that have become dirty inside, we recommend replacing the soiled innersoles. With an easy replacement, not only will they smell better but they will feel as good as new! If you need some tips on replacing your innersoles, check out our previous blog post on ‘How to Clean Your Ugg Boots’, or simply buy a pair online here.
  • Contrary to belief, keep your socks out of them! It comes down to personal preference, however, we do not recommend wearing socks with your UGGs. Socks interfere with the sheepskin’s magic and don’t allow for proper insulation and ventilation. If wearing UGGs without socks isn’t your thing, opt for socks made from natural materials, such as 100% cotton or bamboo.

When you purchase our A-Grade merino sheepskin UGG boots from us here at Ugg Since 1974, there will be no need to throw a pair away when they get smelly! Our UGG boots will stand against any amount of moisture you wish to throw their way and remain smelling fresh and clean. Say goodbye to your synthetic, smelly boots and hello to our premium quality UGGs. 

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    Do you ship your product in Canada
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  • Are there classic TALL UGG Boots for men or is that a fake?

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