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So, you've just purchased your very own pair of UGG boots or slippers! They did cost you a pretty penny, but quality over quantity at UGG Since 1974 means you spend less in the long run! Surely after such an investment you'd like to keep them looking fresh and clean for as long as possible, right? Our customers rave about their boots lasting 10+ years, so here are our best recommendations to care for your new purchase.

Suede Spray:

Our UGGs are all handmade in Australia, from genuine Double Faced A-grade Merino Sheepskin. Genuine sheepskin is not naturally water resistant, so it's important to protect your new UGGs and Slippers with the correct products! 

Firstly, we recommend spraying your new UGGs with our Suede Protector Spray. Our spray will keep your UGGs looking cleaner for longer. It's been specifically designed to apply a light film of protection on your UGG boots and other suede finished products.
Our Suede Protector Spray is made from a specially formulated mixture of wax and water-based components, just for suede sheepskin, so it's the only type of protection we recommend for our products. It is normal for the suede colour to darken slightly after using the spray.

We recommend re-coating your UGGs every 6 months (or more frequently depending on wear) to keep them in the best possible condition. 

I know what you're thinking; 'I'm only going to wear them inside though'.
We've heard this more times than we can count, but home is not necessarily a safe haven for your boots or slippers! The moment you start cooking, or washing the dishes, you're bound to get food or water droplets on them at some point, or maybe your dog wants a lick of your new boots - we've seen this all from personal experience, and it never ends well! Our protector spray is a necessity when purchasing your new sheepskin boots, and, it's only $12.95! 

1 bottle can do 2-3 pairs of boots, or 4-5 pairs of slippers if you're buying for the family. Cheap as chips mate! 

We also have a full Suede Care Kit, in case you need to completely wash your boots in the event you've really worn them to death, or have just had a little too much fun outside in them.


Bomber Spray: 

If you're purchasing a pair of our Bomber boots, look no further than our Bomber Suede Protector. 

Our Bomber boots are already water resistant and are best recommended for camping trips or harder wear, but they do still deserve protection. Again, you're making a great investment in our hardwearing UGG boots, an extra $15.95 will make them last all the years everyone raves about! 

Since the bomber is a cracked leather, you still need to protect the suede in-between with the spray. 

1 bottle can do 2-3 pairs of boots, or 4-5 pairs of slippers if you're buying for the family. 


Replaceable Innersoles:

These may just be one of our favourite features of our Aussie made UGGs!
All of our UGG boots have replaceable sheepskin innersoles. 

As sheepskin is a natural product, the wool will compress with wear which means your innersoles will flatten over time. At this point, most people give up and replace their boots. Not here though! 

At UGG Since 1974, we're all about sustainability and crafting hard-wearing, long lasting products and we're preventing landfill as best we can. Therefore, instead of replacing your boots year after year, you can simply remove the original innersoles, and replace them with a brand new pair. They will literally feel brand new again - nothing beats that feeling of fresh innersoles! 


Wanting more advice of how to clean your UGGs? Find our more here


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